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date/place of birth:03.06.1954 in Karlsruhe

Studies at the Academy of Navigation in Bremen, Germany
Captain's license and Diploma: 1977

Hands-on experience as Nautical Officer/Captain
1977 - 1986 practical experience as Nautical Officer/Captain on general cargo vessels, heavy lift vessels, bulkcarriers and chemical tankers. During this time a six months training in the charter department of the company J. Drescher. Supervision of dockyard repairing and ships new -buildings.

Marine Surveyor by SGS-Controll Co.m.b.H., Bremen, Germany
1986 - 1990 Marine Surveyor deployed in office and field work/foreign assignment.

Certificate of appointment as seapilot
1991 - 2007 expert knowledge as pilot of the Pilots Association NOKII (Kiel-Channel), ports of Kiel, Lübeck and Flensburg, Germany.

1996 - 2002 holiday relief as captain on passenger sailing vessels up to 120 m length and 3500 sqm of sails area (North Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean, Karibic, South-America.

Instructor at the NSB-Academy, Buxtehude, Germany
2009 trainer for captains and nautical officers on a shiphandling-simulator, construction of an IMO-ECDIS model course

010 foundation of the Nautical Bureau Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany

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