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Project work for Academies and Shipping Companies (Training shiphandlings simulator, ECDIS training, lectures about breakbulk- and heavy lift shipment). Active trainer/instructor of the NSB-Academy, Buxtehude, Germany.


Breakbulk-/ project-/ heavy lift shipment: Consulting, planning and supervision in all German ports and worldwide. My lashing & securing software is up to the latest standards of DNV and IMO CSS Annex 13 regulations, certified by Lloyd's Register. The CA-plan of the vessel and the technical drawing of the commodity will be programmed inside by an external expert (visual presentation). All kind of lashing equipment, also stoppers or timber shores could be calculated. Practical experience on board of the breakbulk/heavy-lift vessels of the former company D.D.G. Hansa, Bremen, Germany ( z. B. MV Uhenfels).

Warranty Survey (Certificate of Approval) for transport, load-out & securing of project-/heavy-lift cargo on seagoing vessels and towage of barges in all ports of Germany and worldwide. The activities are based on the CoP of JCC for Marine Project Cargo Surveyors, the GL Noble Dentron Guideline for Load-Outs and the standarts of the Lloyd's Marine Academy in London. The kowledge is certified by a Marine Warranty Surveying course carried out by the Lloyd's Marine Academy in May 2014.

Bunker Delivery Survey (BQS) as set out in ISO 13739, survey of barge/vessel, substantial reporting system,sampling and transportation to a designated laboratory, co-operation with laboratories in Germany and United Kingdom. Performance of Non Cargo Tank Declaration Surveys in case of disputes. The calculation program used is certified by Lloyd's Register. My work based on a three years practical education by SGS, Bremen, Germany and an advanced training by FOBAS Lloyd's Register.

Condition Survey/Audit:

Internal Auditor for integrated management systems: ISM, ISPS, MLC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 for shipping companies. Planning, preparation, performance, recording, reporting. following-up audits, handling of non-conformities, root cause analysis and corrective actions. The knowledges are certified by the DNV/GL courses no. 3035494 + 3082771.

Full condition survey/audit: for P&I entry, investors/banks or for buy & sales matters. The report describes and records the current status condition of the whole vessel and is subdivided in the items ISM, Hull & Machinery, Marpol, Cargo, Bridge, Personal Safety, Manning and Security. The report includes a  risk assessment for the named items and based on a list of questions documented by a comprehensive photo documentation and technical drawings.

 On-/offhire survey: condition and  bunker survey (ROB), comprehensive cell-guide report and  assessment of stevedore damages. Reporting with photo documentation and technical drawings. Performance of on-/off-hire surveys for all types of vessels. The calculation program used is certified by Lloyd's Register.

Main engine and auxiliary engines current status survey: conducting of performance tests, investigation of the maintenance condition of the main parts of the engines according to the planned maintenance system (PMS), evaluation of vessel's records as inspection through the scavenge ports report, main bearings clearance report, crankshaft deflection report, piston rings condition report, service reports T/C, service reports auxiliary engines report,  luboil analysis, water proof sheets, chemical inventory list, critical spare part lists etc. Additionally experts will be enganged if necessary.

Hatchcover survey: Ultrasonic test, hose test, chalk test, smoke test, air test based on the standards of SDT-IMCS. The surveys will be performed with up to date calibrated and class approved equipment (ABS). The surveyors are well instructed and certified by a class (ABS) nominated company.


Accident Investigation/Damage Assessment:

Analysis and root course, investigation of the voyage data recorder/ECDID records. Evaluataion of vessel's documents as manouvre characteristics, analysing of banking effects, squat etc. This works are based on my experience as captain and sea pilot and my findings as an active trainer of the NSB simulator in Buxtehude, Germany.

Damage assessment on vessel and habour construction, comprehensive reporting with photo documentation and technical drawings.

Damage assesment for all type cargoes with specialization on steel shipment.

Opinion of the Court/GMAA Arbitrator:

Opinion of the court for companies and private persons, presentation of interests judicially and extrajudicially. My service includes for example the analysis of the Voyage Data Recorder/ ECDIS records or the calculation of the acceleration forces on board of a vessel.

Active arbitrator of the German Maritime Arbitration Association GMAA in Hamburg, Germany